20 May


Tweens everywhere will squeal in protest, but only one Jonas is attractive and that’s indisputable. Its Nick, the little one. And this does surprise me, as there were many months when “Camp Rock”… starring middle brother and lead singer, Joe… was locked on my DVR. But last night as I was watching “Married to Jonas” (let’s nobody pretend they haven’t watched at least 5 min) something struck me…  Joe’s hottness has steeply declined post-puberty, and Kevin has never been hot. Making Nick the hottness quota life raft AND the only talented one… he writes most of their songs, plays most of their guitar, and has the best voice. Also the poor guy has diabetes but never mopes for our pity, as many a celebrity would. So while I strongly recommend picking your favorite One Direction member instead, if you insist on living in 2007 then Nick Jonas is the only acceptable choice.


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