18 Feb

url-1Gucci Spring 2006 Fashion Show to Benefit Children's Action Network and Westside Children's Center - Arrivalsurl

Well this just makes me want to throw up in my mouth and like never ever stop. Of all the uteruses in all the world, he picks hers. GROSS. If I had 5 questions to ask God, one of them would be why is Josh Duhamel with Fergie. They disobey my most sacred commandment of courtship, which is that a couple should match. Her body is like the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe. Her face is like a PSA for the dangers of meth. Meanwhile, Josh is classically handsome and perfect. At any given moment I imagine him either teaching a child to read or rescuing a kitten from a tree. It may very well be the biggest ruse of modern times that Fergie married Josh Duhamel. And now she has forced him to create her spawn.


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