3 Feb

Booyeah! Special edition video post. We’ve all been watching TV for at least 5 hours (standard for me, but taxing I’m sure for others) so I’ll get right to it. These are the Super Bowl ads that sucked the MOST:

I’m not really able to form a moderately appropriate comment about this ad. So instead I’ll just share that I saw an interview with Bar Refaeli in which she claimed to have forever possessed a fantasy of walking into a room and kissing the most average guy. Is Beyonce going to be on soon? F BOMBS

I guess sometimes a brand just throws a couple million dollars at an agency and says  ‘Screw this, we’re already rich. Make whatever you’d want to watch if you were just recovering from last night’s hangover in time to drink another case of beer and pretend like you weren’t a real adult’

First of all, I’m always baffled in general to see an ad for pistachios, let alone during the Super Bowl. This is the stage for the like 30 most lucrative, mainstream brands in America… and you’re telling me that includes pistachios? In any case maybe this ad could belong. But I watched the ad, and now can never think that. We staked Psy in the heart at the end of 2012… right? HE HAS RISEN.

Everything Budweiser did was crap, but this was the worst of all. So a guy waltzes into an NFL stadium where he collects multiple artifacts, including what appears to be a strand of synthetic blonde hair from a doll brush. He also gets a handful of real grass–impossible since we’ve seen that its an indoor stadium. Then he goes through a cemetery, a New Orleans party, and the Phantom of the Opera set before arriving at the feet of Stevie Wonder, who makes him some creepy ass voodoo doll. Their attempt to bring cohesion to the ad is the tag “Its only weird if it doesn’t work”. Correction, its weird when you’re supposed to be selling beer and instead sell me on a prescription for Paxil. Obviously, this ad is an abuse of Mr. Wonder, who couldn’t see how badly it turned out.


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