28 Jan


Amanda Seyfried: The dress is fab. But the necklace? I was so confused when I first saw this. I actually thought it was some type of credentials on a lanyard. Or the emergency Lifeline my grandmother wears around her neck.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain: On my ugliest dressed list two awards shows in a row, brava! From the bust up, its a 10. But below that, its as if she eat nothing but Wonder bread for a week. So tremendously stuffed, and for what reason. Honestly she is not a large woman. The worst is the fist sized crater formed around her belly button. It looks like she’s equipped with an outlet for a Chevy Volt under that satin.


January Jones: Is looking normal never an option for January? I don’t understand why she must make such a statement EVERY DAMN TIME. Except for knowing that Betty Draper is a whiney biatch who WOULD want all the red carpet reports to be about her, even when she’s not really nominated (a Best Ensemble nom for Mad Men when all she did this season was get fat and eat Sally’s hot fudge sundaes doesn’t count). Her hair is poufed high enough to smuggle a pound of weed across the border.


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