10 Dec

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 10.32.31 PMThis bitch. Let’s go.

  1. She made the first two ‘Transformers’ movies, but thought she was too famous to appear in the third. Like we know you’re not going to win an Oscar for playing with giant robots, but it sure as hell beats serving a 24 piece at Hooters which is WHERE YOU BELONG.
  2. She’s not even that hot. I mean given the choice between her and Angelina, who would you honestly choose.
  3. Many women, including myself, suffer from ‘chronic bitch face’ or unintentionally scowling in social situations. Megan on the other day doesn’t even TRY to be pleasant… she is contempt personified, at all times.
  4. She is co-starring in ‘This is 40’ with Paul Rudd. That man is so special. And now he risks being poisoned by Megan’s sheer evil. It’s like putting a baby in a room with carbon monoxide and saying ‘he’ll be fine…’
  5. She is removing the giant Marilyn Monroe tattoo from her arm. It was the only cool thing about her. Now she’s like a faceless porn character to me.



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