8 Nov

What a bitch. I hate her face off.

I can think of worse fates than being the highest paid actress in the world, and dating a Ken doll… ahem Rob Pattinson. WHO COULD EVER CHEAT ON THAT MAN. And then have the audacity to get mad when people ask about it, like in this morning’s Today show interview.

I don’t know what living breathing soul cast Kristen as Bella in Twilight, but I want them to know that that was a mistake. Not just because she is one of the most emotionally void actresses ever, but also because she’s a dreadful human being whose now been wrongfully bestowed the honor of becoming a role model for thousands of girls. And she has taught them to be a bitch and cheat on Rob Pattinson.

And BTW if she’s beautiful enough to play Bella, than so am I… hungover, unshowered, and pre-orthodonture.


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