28 Oct

This distinction is undoubtedly bestowed upon Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum. This is a prepubescent girl haircut. For proof compare photos of him with one of my 11 year old self:

Note how in my photo I also have braces, gold Christmas tree earrings, a red sparkly star hair clip that I believe was from Talbots Kids. Lincecum, on the other hand, is a 28 year old professional baseball pitcher who makes $18 million/season and is pitching in the World Series. Given this resume, would a trip to Great Clips have been completely unreasonable? I mean I guess if he wants to be ‘unique’ and have his hair be longer than average…fine (although expect girls to buy their own drinks rather than associate with you). But by allowing it to grow so long that it FLIPS OUT at the ends, he is casting himself into a realm of awkwardness few MLB players have ever known. It’s almost sad, if it wasn’t so ugly. And I have no threshold for things that are ugly. Especially when they are gearing up to sweep my Tigers.


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