24 Oct

Perplexing decision, Chanel, to advertise your No. 5 perfume with a soliloquy in what appears to be an abandoned meat locker. Casting Brad makes sense of course… but in my imagination he’d be in a tux and feeding me caviar, not wild maned and generally reminding me of a what may go on in a pedophile’s garage.

Now let’s address the production of the piece. Incessant pulses of dark and light… is there is a GIANT candle just out of the frame? Like the biggest candle man’s ever seen. And the slow pan-in followed by the close-up. I guess they were going for simplicity, but I just think its boring. Apparently I’m able to space out in way under 30 seconds, even when Brad Pitt is on the screen.

And Brad’s acting. His darting eyes appear to be following a laser pointer around the tin room, like an aggravated kitten. Did he not know what to think about to convey the correct emotion for this ad? Here’s a clue Brad: it’s not death or war or famine. Its just something you’d like to smell on a woman.

And that’s why closing the ad with the single word “inevitable” seems absurd. I want everything in life to be EPIC, but casting that importance in this instance just doesn’t seem honest. And doesn’t “inevitable” usually have a bad connotation? I just Googled the definition to be sure and the example they give was “war was inevitable”. So basically in life we can’t avoid war, or Chanel No. 5 perfume.


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