22 Oct

Daniel Craig is a cool guy. One of the coolest. Does he need any help from Vanity Fair getting this close to a vagina? No. But there he is (clearly superimposed) in front of a female form laying on top of some impossibly high table. Also the scale is wild… either Daniel is much more diminutive than we’ve thought or that lady has got some HIPS. Also isn’t it the effortless, unstated bravado of Bond that makes him so alluring? I don’t think a LOOK THERE IS SEX IN THIS MOVIE theme is at all within Bond’s usual appeal. The headline “Daniel Craig is Stirred, Not Shaken” seems ever so contrived as well. And while Daniel’s blue eyes do cultivate in women everywhere an absurdly high standard of the smolder their respective man’s gaze should possess, their saturation in this photo cannot possibly be real. I am not buying it Vanity Fair. Daniel Craig is best as Daniel Craig.


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