7 Sep

Well I didn’t even blink before deciding to blog this. Miley Cyrus shows up to the VMA’s last night with THIS hair. While I’m probably never going to be a fan of absurdly platinum mohawks on girls, that’s beside the point. The point is that no Disney-built girl is ever going to be bad-ass enough to have hair like this. Why do all famous people feel it necessary to prove that they are different than how they are publicly perceived? If I had made 10 gazillion dollars and lived out my tween fantasy by being Hannah Montana, I’d be like yeah bitches that’s me!! And I would wake up thankful everyday, that by some STROKE OF LUCK the combo of having Billy Ray as a Dad, being marginally talented, and embracing glitter as a young age… had made me famous. I wouldn’t cover myself with tats and nose piercings, take nude photos, get engaged before I could even buy beer, and then finally do the most wild thing I could think of to my hair… just so people would stop associating me with Hannah Montana. Because again, what is so wrong with having been Hannah Montana. It gave you millions of dollars. It gave me my best ever Halloween costume. You are only 19. If you always need this much attention to feel like you’re “cool”, you are going to run out of hair-do’s real fast. Also good luck looking classy at your wedding with a mohawk.



  1. Lindsey September 7, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    1)I LOL’ed at “While I’m probably never going to be a fan of absurdly platinum mohawks on girls, that’s beside the point”
    2) Does she have an ear tattoo that says “LOVE”?!?!
    3) I think Disney girls are contractually obligated to leak nudes once hitting 18, there’s a lot of evidence to support this.

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