2 Sep

Jude used to be an international heart throb. For years he was a lock on every woman’s list of celebrities they were allowed to cheat with.  That boyish smile…those piercing eyes…so dapper! But 5 years and 5 inches of hair line later, poor Jude can’t take this sad song and make it better. Because he now seems fated to play nothing but irksome supporting characters, like the one pictured above in the soon to be released ‘Anna Karenina’. Do you think he had any idea his looks were going to dissolve so rapidly? One day he’s sleeping around, knocking up supermodels. Now I bet Sienna Miller sees him on her contacts list and thinks REALLY? I feel bad for the guy, I do. Its not every man that could make me fall in love with a single father of twin girls in ‘The Holiday’. When I watch that movie every Christmas my heart explodes, for you. So I guess what I want to do in this post is just acknowledge that DNA is a bitch sometimes. And who would have thought gorgeous little Jude had this not-attractive-as-an-older-man syndrome lurking inside him. He is only 39…


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