14 Jul

Some ad agency out there is just shitting all over Toyota.



Print ad:

The premise of the commercial is: if you are dumb enough to eat at a health code condemnable eatery, don’t worry because Toyota Corolla has a built in bing search engine to help you find another restaurant. (a) that’s such a dumb problem to have, and no restaurant ever would have their health code rating posted in the window, and if they did it would not be letter grades like from an A to a C (b) the problem has absolutely nothing to do with the car except that (c) the car comes equipped with built in mapping/smart dashboard… like most every other car in America and (d) if you are really going to brag about that feature, I would implore you to realize that bing is such a second rate search engine to google…like no contest.

The premise of the print ad (running at the same time as the commercial, although they have NOTHING to do with one another, and hence build zero equity in the brand): Men and women always argue over directions (hardy har har), but now they don’t have to because the Corolla has an available navigation system. Ok granted at least they are selling the same feature as the above commercial, the smart dashboard. But I still find this such a dumb sell. It would be like every car company 10 years ago saying ‘comes with a CD player!!!!!!!’. Like, of course it does.

Are any of us going to buy this car? No. Failing.


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