6 Jul

Those who casted this movie are clearly under the delusion that black leather is a free pass to BADASS-dom. But when I look at these posters I still see… Anne Hathaway. Wasn’t it just yesterday she was starring in ‘The Princess Diaries’? I mean, F, she looks awkward. WHAT is that nasty ass black cherry lipstick. And where is the rocking bod that every man is supposed to ogle over, and every woman is supposed to hate her for?  So epicly void of Catwoman’s swagger. I mean remove the photoshop effects and she’s just a girl in front of a green screen somewhere. And a true villain, even just captured in a poster, would be so much more than that. I will still see this movie (Christopher Nolan is God). But serious skepticism around dear little Anne in big bad Gotham City.


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