30 Jun

My absolute favorite part of the Summer Olympics (save Bob Costas) is women’s gymnastics. Mostly because it means I get to witness this hair ATROCITY. What is it with gymnasts? Its like they all make a vow to single handedly keep scrunchie and barrette factories in business. And the hair gel usage is obscene. Would it be that horrible if a few hairs were not shellacked to their heads? I have been alive for 24 years and there’s been no situation that comes close to warranting this amount of hair resistant. If they are really worried about it, why not opt for some bobby pins that disappear into your hair like every other girl in the world. The fact that the hair accessories they choose are always in neon and/or metallic colors is not helping. Get ready for London peeps… this blog post was only following the US trials last night. We haven’t even seen the Russian gymnasts yet…


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