26 Jun

Anyone seen these Amstel Light ads around Chicago? Yes. Anyone read them? No. ‘Savor Complexity’ is a decent tagline/concept. Amstel Light drinkers may pride themselves on drinking an atypical beer. But this execution… an ode to pigeons? Pigeons. I should drink Amstel Light because its complex, like a pigeon. Is there nothing else they could come up with that might be slightly more complex? I am not going to stand there and read an entire paragraph making some absurd argument that a pigeon is highly complex. Especially when it is overlaid in front of a watermark image of a pigeon. And when the hand-done type treatment is such a Levi’s or Chipotle knock off I could vomit. Here’s a radical thought about hand done type: if you want it to look unique, use your own handwriting instead of downloading the same font package as every other brand in America. The pigeon execution is the most offensive, although the other pieces in the campaign tell the ‘complex’ story of the burger, or the dart (as in a bar game dart). Savor this Amstel Light… no one cares.


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