11 Jun

In honor of tonight’s season finale of ‘The Pitch’, I’d like to remark quite regrettably that the client picks the wrong agency EVERY FREAKING TIME. In no episode has this been more evident that last week’s pitch for upscale women’s retailer C. Wonder. All female agency Womenkind OWNED it. Their work conjured deep, unfathomable amounts of creative envy in me, which is the best compliment you can give someone in this industry. Male team Digo, on the other hand, pitched this

So Digo’s concept was: women are kept wives confined to their laundry rooms, and their shot at happiness is to trip on acid and imagine a world where they ride in a nylon clutch pulled by giant seahorse charms. How commendable of Chris Burch to choose this campaign, which takes his client base of sophisticated, self-made women, and downsamples them into something so menial. Did this pompous d-bag choose Digo’s campaign just because it came from a men’s shop? Its as if he thought, as my friend Kate put it, ‘no, I can’t use a campaign that would make women seem smart. Let me cast them like cats in Friskies commercial frolicing through a land of fish and chicken’. Also Burch actually hated the tagline for this campaign, ‘A Great Mood Can Change The World’, from the moment he heard it. Enough that he interrupted the pitch and told them it was shit. How then could he ultimately give Digo the business? NO CLUE. I want to BELIEVE that in advertising the best idea will always WIN. But if Chris Burch or any of the other ludicrous brands on this show have anything to say about it, it won’t. Somewhere in Chicago, this young art director weeps.


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