23 May

Now I’m under no delusion that brands don’t copy off one another. But have you ever seen such a DIRECT and UTTER duplication of concept, design, name, everything?! Skechers even owns up to what they have done, which makes its worse, saying on their website ‘It isn’t a new idea, but it’s a great idea’. As a comparison let’s take the iPhone, a great idea which every cell phone and tech company is trying to closely match. But at least they all have the decency not to name their company ‘Pear’ and the product the ‘MePhone’. I will never buy Bobs!! If not for my loathing of Skechers’ completely uninspired business plan, then out of protection for the shoeless kids in South America. Can you imagine waiting your whole life for a pair of shoes, and then your friends get TOMS while you get a knockoff?


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