18 Apr

Leave it to me to notice ugly things in the otherwise charming and beautiful UK. Starting in the top left going clockwise…

-Sink in our hotel in Edinburgh. Separate spouts for hot and cold water=ANARCHY. The only hope of having tolerable water temperature was rapidly shuttling your hands back and fourth beneath the two spouts like a fool.

-Pound coins. Look at the newer coin on the right, they have made the queen look older, and her saggy neck more pronounced. Blasphemy!

-Actual sign seen on bathroom stall in pub. I’m sorry, is it sharing hour? Are there other personal waste opinions you’d like to discuss in a place where people are eating on the other side of the door?

-Full length, flowered, purple, draping onesie seen in shop window. I feel upset that someone, somewhere, might actually be wearing this. Will they be safe?

-Hot dog stuffed crust pizza. Like the most evil thing you could ever ingest. I would imagine eating entire sticks of butter to be healthier.


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