2 Apr

Did anyone else feel like a part of them died tonight when they saw Betty’s neck fat? I mean when she heaved herself out of the tub I rewinded it several times (obvi) to gawk at the sheer mass of flesh she now possesses. I know January isn’t actually fat… she was pregnant, so they turned it into a fat plot line for the show. But still, seeing her in this regard was like seeing a princess on break at Disney World, taking a drag on a cigarette. Then there’s… Megan. I find her appalling. As if last week’s Zou Bisou Bisou wasn’t scarring enough, now we have to endure seeing her teeth week after week. LOOK HOW LARGE THEY ARE. I was being generous with the above photo… this is her nice character profile pic on the AMC website. But still, from this alone, I’ll probably have to sleep with the lights on tonight.


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