30 Mar

Special video post!! This is a commercial I just caught for MiO, a product you squirt into water to give it color and flavor. I won’t delve into the absurdity of the product (is it really that intolerable to just drink plain, natural, life-enabling water?). But I have to draw attention to the myriad of creative nonsense that somehow arrived on my television tonight. The angle they’ve gone with is talking, sexed up animal/human hybrids…talking about the plastic surgery another sexed up animal hybrid had… and how her nose job is a reminder that “if you don’t like something change it”. So, obvi, the hybrids proceed to put this red shit in their water. This is one of those classic examples where some ‘creative’ has reached so far away from the product that its become nearly impossible to follow their stream of consciousness, or  in any way grasp why these ridiculous hybrids would make me want to buy MiO.


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