12 Mar

Well this should be a little sigh of relief to women everywhere. Victoria’s Secret models are not perfect, and in fact have some rather horrifying feet. Thanks to Kate for spotting this photo in one of their emails, which if viewed apart from its top half, could easily be confused for an over 60 porn ad. Solutions VS failed to grasp here: #1 Don’t make your models wear 6 inch heels for multiple hour photo shoots…I’m dying on the inside thinking about the trauma to their feet, and it also looks trashy as hell OR #2 Photoshop that shit! There is a difference between unnaturally airbrushing someone’s face to make them look 10 years younger, and smoothing nasty ass veins off of their feet. I think in instances like this when the world gives you Photoshop, you don’t not use it. Can’t believe I’ve gone this whole post without even commenting on their facial expressions, provocative standing poses, and malnourished legs. These models actually got off easy.


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