3 Jan

I am an advocate for the value of trashy media, the shining pinnacle being ‘The Bachelor’. Expect future THATLOOKSUGLY posts from a show that makes my job here far too easy. But to kick things off let’s lay it out there that Ben has really, really bad hair. Remember in middle school how kids who wished they were emo would wear a beanie all day, and when they’d take it off the hair that wasn’t under the hat would flip out awkwardly? That’s how Ben’s hair looks…all the time. On top of this, he parts it right down the middle, Alfalfa style. And I swear sometimes it looks like he’s straightened from his roots to about halfway down, where the aforementioned flipping begins. Lastly there are men whose naturally scruffiness is sexy. Ben is not one of them. You cannot manufacture sexy scruff by turning your shaver to a low setting the night of the rose ceremony. Ben GIVE UP. Have normal hair, shave your face.


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