14 Dec

True story: I once famously declared that I wish the only people on earth were my family, and Celine Dion. But her Christmas album cover crosses the threshold from fantastically corny, to just plan bad. Her hair looks like that of a woman whose just given birth. She appears to me trying to inhale the ribbon. Why ever get so close? Unless its a box of soaps? Then somebody was like I KNOW let’s make the picture gold and red… and just slapped some 5 minute hue/saturation layers on the photo and called it a day. Maybe she did just birth and the baby’s jaundice was transferred to her as well. And I can’t close this post without mentioning the name of the album… “These Are Special Times”. There’s that line between corny and bad again______________________and here’s Celine.

All kidding aside though, Celine’s pipes are epic. Download her version of O Holy Night stat.


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