21 Nov

I feel like I’m creating an entry on Urban Dictionary with this post– for definition of ‘tool’ please see above album cover for Daughtry. This is fulfilling for me as I’ve hated Daughtry for quite some time. First of all losing American Idol like 5 years ago doesn’t give you few pass to pick up a couple of hipster dudes, drop your first name, and think you’ve made a real band. And second of all this cover for their new album is so self indulgent its laughable. He is literally standing feet in front of the others, knee popped, light reflecting off his face, wearing a leather jacket, and brooding into the distance. While the others stand in the background like his bitches– oh wait, that part’s accurate. Lastly the metal obstruction in the background deserves a callout… is that a spaceship? some future armycraft? Are they going to board it and disappear from our lives?  If they do I hope they take the designer of this album cover and their excessive adoration of grunge Photoshop brushes with them.


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